Lane Area Commission on Transportation (ACT)

The Lane Area Commission on Transportation (LaneACT) is an advisory body chartered by the Oregon Transportation Commission. The LaneACT is one of 12 ACTs throughout the State of Oregon. They are responsible for addressing all aspects of transportation (surface, marine, air, and transportation safety) with a primary focus on how the regional system will influence the broader state-wide system. The commission represents the geographic area of Lane County and has 29-31 voting members representing the various jurisdictions, modes, and interests throughout the area.  

Key functions of the LaneACT

  • Provide a local forum for sharing information, understanding, coordinating, and gaining consensus around transportation plans, policies, projects and funding;
  • Engage key stakeholders and the general public;
  • Consider all modes and aspects of the transportation system, including air, marine, rail (freight and passenger), road, transit, bicycle, and pipelines;
  • Recommend short- and long-term transportation investment priorities based on state and local plans to be incorporated in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and other competitive funding opportunities;
  • Balance local, regional and statewide perspectives; and
  • Communicate and coordinate regional recommendations, priorities and activities.

The LaneACT holds monthly meetings and the public is encouraged to attend. For meeting agendas and packet materials please visit