Public Comment Opportunities

The public is invited to comment on the following open topic(s):

Comments on the following proposed amendments to the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP) will be accepted through July 20, 2020:

21174 – Springfield
S. 28th Street dust mitigation
Description: Pave gravel portion of S. 28th St from S. F St to city limits; pave shoulders and driveway approaches and improve surface drainage.
Amendment: Cancel 2020 Utility Relocation phase ($308,436.38 local) and move those funds to 2021 Construction phase (new CN total = $1,289,156.36). Slip Right of Way Acquisition phase from 2020 to 2021 ($290,872.76 CMAQ)

21385 – Lane County
Gilham Road: Ayers Road to Mirror Pond Way
Description: Design and final construction of pavement, curb, gutter, storm water and sidewalk on Gilham Rd between Ayres Rd and Ashbury Dr, and sidewalk along westerly portion of Gilham Rd between Ashbury Dr and Mirror Pond Wy.
Amendment: Slip Construction phase from 2021 to 2022 ($733,601.91 STBG & CMAQ)

LTD Technology Innovation Project
Description: The LTD Technology Innovation Project (Novus) will eliminate barriers to transportation to improve health outcomes and decrease health disparities experienced by disadvantaged communities.
Amendment: Add new 2020 project ($76,000 5310, total project = $400,000)

20433 – ODOT
OR126: Willamette River WB Bridge
In April TPC approved an amendment (following OTC action) to cancel CN phase (~$7M) and move those funds to the Umpqua River Bridge Replacement project. ODOT now wants to decline that amendment and instead fund CN of the Willamette River WB Bridge project at a reduced amount, pending July OTC approval.
Amendment: Cancel Right of Way Acquisition phase and move those funds ($5,200) to CN. Fund construction phase at $5,834,200. Advance CN phase to 2020.

20294 – Eugene
Coburg Rd: Ferry St RR bridge to Willamette R bridge
Description: Bridge #06648: Cleaning, preparation and spot paint; concrete overlay and other repairs per inspection report. Bridge #40056: Deck sealing, crack repairs to girder top/deck interface, epoxy injection cracks, repair spalling. Perform seismic analysis and preliminary design for seismic strengthening on bridges #06648, 40056 and 07214A.
Amendment: Cancel Right of Way Acquisition phase and Utility Relocation phase, Transfer funds from those phases to the Construction phase.

20206 – Eugene
River Rd at Irving Rd
Description: Upgrade signal hardware. Add left turn lanes on Irving Road approaches. Install urban green bike lanes on River Road at the intersection.
Amendment: Add local funds to Right of Way Acquisition phase, cancel Utility Relocation phase and add those funds to the Right of Way phase.

20216 – Eugene
City of Eugene signal enhancements
Description: Provide signal enhancements at various locations throughout the City of Eugene. Install a yellow flashing beacon with advanced intersection warning at Coburg Rd & MLK Jr Blvd.
Amendment: Utility Relocation phase ($65,700) is not required and will be canceled. Funds to be added to CN phase.

21515 – Eugene
South Bank shared use path
Description: Repair and realign South Bank Path; rebuild 3,000 lineal feet of path; replace asphalt pavement with 12ft wide concrete; lighting and trail amenities.
Amendment: Increase funding up to $1,406,289.72, which includes $15,000 for ODOT construction oversight. Current project total is $1,224,174.00 (CMAQ, STBG, local)

21405, 21406, and new Electric Fleet Procurement project– LTD
LTD Frequent Transit Network (2020 & 2021)
Description: Various safety and amenity improvements to LTD's frequent transit network
21405 is funded with $244,784.72 STBG + $126,700.10 CMAQ (includes match amounts).
21406 is funded with $620,577.29 CMAQ (includes match amount).
Amendment (part 1): Replace all CMAQ amounts in 21405 and 21406 with LTD Formula Funds.
*Amendment (part 2): Add $747,277.39 CMAQ (includes match) to new 2022 LTD Electric Fleet Procurement CMAQ project (new project total: $2,976,186.34)

For all of the public comment opportunities you may comment by mailing, emailing, providing comment online or in person at the public hearing (if applicable).



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