Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

  • The Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP) is a set of transportation improvements and projects which are scheduled to occur within the Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) area over a 4 year time period. The MTIP primarily lists projects for which application of certain federal funds will be made, or projects which will require USDOT approval to proceed. Priorities for the use of surface transportation block grant - urban (STBG-U) federal funds, administered by the MPO, are established during the development of the MTIP.

Project Determination

In addition, the MTIP lists anticipated expenditures for significant local projects drawn from the capital improvement programs of:
  • Coburg
  • Eugene
  • Lane County
  • Lane Transit District
  • Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
  • Springfield
All MTIP projects are determined by the transportation needs identified in the area's long-range transportation plan, the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).


Federal legislation requires that the Metropolitan Planning Organization, in cooperation with the state and with transit operators, develop an MTIP that is updated and approved at least every 4 years. All projects within the MTIP are included in the Oregon Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).


The MTIP must be financially constrained by year, and include a financial plan that demonstrates which projects can be implemented using current revenue sources, and which projects are to be implemented using proposed revenue sources. Only projects for which funds are committed and available can be included in the first 2 years of the MTIP.


The MTIP is developed by the Transportation Planning Committee (TPC), which is responsible for most of the technical details of the transportation planning process. The TPC recommends the MTIP to the Metropolitan Policy Committee (MPC) for review and adoption. MPC conducts a public hearing and adopts the MTIP on behalf of LCOG and the MPO. The MPC also determines that the MTIP complies with the federal requirements of the Clean Air Act.


The MTIP project list itemizes for each project the anticipated year in which each phase will be undertaken, the funding sources and amounts, and the responsible agencies. Transit projects in the MTIP make up LTD's Program of Projects (POP).

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