Who's Involved

Developing a Transportation System Plan that reflects Eugene’s community will require the involvement of many groups.


Input from community members is important to the City of Eugene! As described on the Get Involved page page, you can provide input in a variety of ways throughout the project including attending public meetings, completing online surveys, submitting online comments, or attending Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) meetings.

Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG)

The Transportation Community Resource Group (TCRG) is a group of community members who provide input on the development of the Transportation System Plan. This group is open to anyone.

The TCRG is an expansion of the dialog started by the Community Resource Group formed for Envision Eugene, but focused on transportation issues. The original Community Resource Group was joined by other transportation advocacy groups; representatives of school districts, industry and freight; and representatives of state and local regulatory agencies and emergency services.  The TCRG is an open discussion group numbering more than 150 people.

The TCRG will continue to meet throughout the TSP process.  All meetings will be advertised on this website and are open to the general public. Meeting materials are posted here.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), comprised primarily of public agency staff, will provide input on technical aspects of the Transportation System Plan, ensure the project is consistent with other adopted plans or projects currently under way, and help develop Transportation System Plan recommendations for the project management team and Department Advisory Committee.

Project Management Team

The Project Management Team (PMT) is comprised of City project manager, ODOT project manager, and consultant project manager.  Charged with day-to-day guidance, review of project deliverables, and development of recommendations to City Council at key milestones. PMT Members include:

City Council

Eugene’s City Council will provide input throughout the planning process at key decision points and will decide to adopt or revise the final Transportation System Plan project lists, and funding strategies. The City Council will also be advised by the City Planning Commission and Sustainability Commission on this project.

Other local transportation plans

Several other local transportation planning activities will be coordinated with the Eugene Transportation System Plan. These include:

Envision Eugene, the city’s long range land use plan

Eugene Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

Lane Transit District Long Range Transit Plan

Springfield Transportation System Plan, adopted April, 2014

Airport Master Plan, adopted September 29, 1010

Regional Transportation plan

Beltline Highway Facility Plan